Why Choose NickleBee Math Group Tuition?

Why Choose NickleBee Math Group Tuition? :
  • Small Class Size with 4 students per class
  • Convenient locations in Bishan & Punggol
  • Lessons conducted by Mr Zhou, an Alumnus of Raffles Institution (Gifted Education Programme) and National University of Singapore. He also achieved a Gold Medal in the Singapore Math Olympiad (ranked 23rd in Singapore) and a Distinction in the American Math Competition.
  • Mr Zhou has been Featured Multiple Times in the Media and has received overwhelmingly Positive Reviews and Testimonials from Parents & Students.
  • Our tutor's Academic Certificates & Credentials are presented to parents before the 1st lesson.
  • We accept students from ALL schools without any entry barrier, yet more than 89% of our Pri 6 students score A*/A for their PSLE Math Exam (twice the national average)!
  • We teach the Cognitive Conceptual Approach as well as the Singapore Model Method and the Unitary Method, all of which are used in Top Schools.
  • We use the award winning Onsponge and Get Me Thinking Math series together with our own Proprietary materials and Past Year Exam Papers.
  • Our students are provided Individual Tutoring, at their own pace, within a Small Group setting. As such, stronger students are not held back, and weaker students are given time to learn.
  • Simplified payment process. We collect pre-payments before each term of 11 lessons.
  • Lesson and payment records are determined by a lesson and payment record book held by each student.