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"P5" Math Problem turns out to be Sec 3 Math Olympiad Question
The Straits Times (Monday; 13 April 2015)

NickleBee Tutors is featured in an article on a supposed P5 Math Problem that went viral and which turned out to be a Sec 3 Math Olympiad Problem. The reporter requested a few comments from Mr Zhou on what skills is the question testing and also the solution to the question. 

Parents Spend Big Bucks On Their Bright Sparks
The Straits Times (Saturday; 25 Oct 2014)

NickleBee Tutors is featured in an article on Parents' willingness to spend top dollar on well-known Tuition Centres providing educational support to their Gifted Education Programme (GEP) kids.


"Primary Kids Get Help for Sec 1"
The Sunday Times (Sunday, 8 Dec 2013)

NickleBee Tutors is featured in an article on the Trend of Tuition Centres offering Preparatory Classes for incoming Secondary 1 students.

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"My Child is Gifted"
The Sunday Times (Sunday, 3 June 2012, Page 10)

Article on the Trend of Tuition Centres offering Preperatory Classes for the Gifted Education Programme Screening Test.

A Journalist from the Sunday Times, Jane Ng, interviewed Mr Zhou for his views and comments on the current trend of tuition centres offering classes to prepare Primary 3 students for the Gifted Education Programme tests held in August.  

Mr Zhou provided an email reply explaining that NickleBee Tutors came to the consensus some time back that we do not agree with and will never provide preparatory courses for the Gifted Education Programme. We felt that it is contrary to the ideals and goals of the selection process for the GEP, and places unnecessary expectations and stress on the Primary 3 students. Mr Zhou then further elaborated to the reporter in his E-mail on why he is not comfortable with the idea that training should be offered to students taking the GEP screening and selection test.

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The New Paper (Thursday, October 14 2010, Page 9)

Article On the Kiasu Parents and OnSponge Maths Forum

A Journalist of The New Paper noticed that Mr Zhou, Lead Education Consultant of NickleBee Tutors, is a very experienced tutor who is passionate about teaching and has been active in helping children with their Maths in the “On Sponge” Maths forums which is run by the "thinkingmaths @ OnSponge" company that publishes the popular OnSponge Maths Assessment books by Mr Ammiel Wan. 

Mr Zhou was interviewed by The New Paper for his insights and observations about the phenomenon of “Kiasu Parents” who post up Questions, Solutions and other school exam related matters on academic websites. The article has been scanned and reproduced below for your viewing pleasure. Please click on the articles to enlarge them in a separate window.

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