NickleBee Math - Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass Info 2023

NickleBee Tutors 
Advanced PSLE MATH Masterclass 
@ Bishan, Bukit Timah & Sengkang
for GEP & High-Ability Students
taking the PSLE in AY 2023
is Now Open for Registration!

Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass at Bishan


The Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass at NickleBee Tutors is designed for both Gifted Education Programme (GEP) students and High-Ability (Mainstream) students, who have not joined our classes previously, and wish to have a combined P5 & P6 Math Preparatory course to get ready for the PSLE.

-  Students attending this course will undertake the study of PSLE Math at a higher level, and sharpen their ability to solve Challenging & Non-Routine 'Olympiad-style' math questions, that have been appearing in the PSLE Math Exams, with increasing frequency.

- In addition to the core P5 & P6 PSLE Math MOE curriculum, students in the Masterclass will also explore introductory GEP Math & Olympiad Math components such as :
  1. Investigative Math
  2. Non-Routine Questions / Higher-Order Thinking Skills
  3. Creative Problem Solving Techniques
  4. Advanced Heuristic Tools
Maximum of 8 students per session

- The Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass commences from the 1st week of October 2022 and will end just before the PSLE Math Paper in end September 2023. (Total duration of the course is 12 months).

-  Enrollment for AY 2023 Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass is open to eligible students taking the PSLE in 2023

-  Please note that classes will commence from the 1st week of October 2022.  

-  Enrollment will strictly CLOSE on the end of December 2022.

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The PSLE 2021 Helen & Ivan Question that stumped many other students, 
but not our Advanced Math students!

About the Tutor

Our Math Consultant, Mr Zhou, is an alumnus of Raffles Institution (Gifted Education Programme) and the National University of Singapore. He also acheived a Gold Medal in the Singapore Math Olympiad (ranked 23rd in Singapore) and a Distinction in the American Math Competition. (CLICK HERE to view Mr Zhou's Academic Qualifications and Curriculum Vitae)

He is a member of The Association of Mathematics Educators (NIE) and has many years of experience in guiding GEP, High Ability and Intergrated Programme students towards excellence in Maths and will be conducting the Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass. 

Mr Zhou and his centre has been featured multiple times in The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, The New Paper, 958FM and Channel 8 for his comments on issues ranging from GEP tuition to Math Olympiad questions.

89% of his P6 students from the past 10 years scored A*/A for their PSLE Math Exam (twice the national average)! 

Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass Tuition Location & Contact

NickleBee Tutors @ Bishan 
279 Bishan Street 24 #01-26 (2nd Floor)
Bishan North Shopping Mall
Singapore (570279)

NickleBee Tutors @ Bukit Timah 
896 Dunearn Road #03-03H 
Link@896 Shopping Mall
Singapore (589472)

NickleBee Tutors @ Sengkang
212 Compassvale Drive
Opposite Rivervale Plaza
Singapore (542212)

HP : 91884710 (SMS / Whatsapp)

*Please make an appointment before dropping by.*

2023 Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass Tuition Schedule

Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass Schedule @ BISHAN
Friday Evenings - 7 pm to 9 pm (Bishan)
Sunday Mornings - 10 am to 12 pm (Bishan)

Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass Schedule @ BUKIT TIMAH
Wednesday Evenings - 7 pm to 9 pm (Bukit Timah)
Saturday Mornings - 10 am to 12 pm (Bukit Timah)

Max. 8 students per session.
Slot availability is subject to further changes.

Please contact us at 91884710 (SMS / Whatsapp Only) to check for slot availability or request to be placed on our waiting list (if your preferred time slot is full).

Mr Zhou (left) and Ms Chen (right)
during our radio interview @ 958FM

2023 Academic Year Topical Syllabus

Oct 2022 - Nov 2022 : P5 Model Drawing, P5 Whole Numbers, P5 Average, P5 Rate, P5 Decimals, P5 Fractions

Dec 2022 - Jan 2023 : P5 Ratio, P5 Percentage, P5 Advanced Heuristics

Feb 2023 - March 2023 : P6 Whole Numbers, P6 Fractions / Ratio, P6 Algebra

April 2023 - May 2023 : P6 Percentage, P6 Circles, P6 Patterns

June 2023 - July 2023 : P6 Speed, P6 Geometry, P5 Area & P5 Volume revision, P6 Volume

August 2023 : P6 Area of Composite Figures, P6 Extension of Advanced Heuristic Concepts

September 2023 : 1 X Benchmark Test; 3 X Customized Mock Exam Papers (Timed Trials)

Payment & Lesson Matters (Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass)

- Tuition fees will be collected on a quarterly basis (every 3 months), at the start of each 3-month masterclass termIf a student joins in the middle of the quarter, fees will be pro-rated.

- Please refer to the Masterclass 2023 Academic Year Schedule below. 

Masterclass Term 1 : 3 October 2022 to 18 December 2022 (11 lessons)

Masterclass Term 2 : 2 January 2023 to 19 March 2023 (11 lessons)

Masterclass Term 3 : 20 March 2023 to 4 June 2023 (11 lessons)

Masterclass Term 4 : 19 June 2023 to 24 September 2023 (14 lessons) 

All scheduled weekly lessons during the term period will carry on as per usual during Public Holidays or School Holidays (Except for Chinese New Year Public Holiday).

- If you miss any of the scheduled weekly classes, please refer to the replacement lesson policy in the FAQ below for further details. 

A material fee of $100 is chargeable for new students. This is a flat fee that is non-refundable nor pro-rated and is payable upon commencement of the tuition class regardless of the time of registration.

Tuition fees and any other fees paid are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Such fees once paid will NOT be refunded if the student or parent chooses to withdraw or has to discontinue from NickleBee Tutors for any reason and at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass)

Q : How is the Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass different from the mainstream Math programme?

A : In addition to teaching mainstream components tested in the PSLE Math Exam, our Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass also covers Problem Solving Heuristics & Non-Routine / Higher-Order thinking questions that are unique to the GEP Math curriculum and the Math Olympiads. 

We teach using our proven C3PO™ Problem Solving Framework and proprietary UNITARY Method, giving our students the confidence and speed to solve ALL Challenging Problem Sums efficiently and accurately in the PSLE Math exam.

Q : What is your student profile for this course? My child is strong in Math, but is not in the GEP and has not gone for Math Olympiad training.

A : The Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass is designed for both GEP and High-Ability (Mainstream) students, who wish to deepen and enhance their conceptual and procedural problem solving knowledge, to ace the PSLE Math Exam. 

The aim of this course is to prepare students for the PSLE Math Exam. As such, the tutor will comprehensively cover ALL P5 & P6 Math Problem Solving techniques, Strategies, Higher Order Thinking Skills and Heuristics as required to do well in Paper 2 of the PSLE Math Exam. 

We will also be teaching introductory 'Math Olympiad & GEP' non-routine questions, creative problem solving techniques and advanced heuristic tools, some of which been appearing with increasing frequency in the PSLE Math Exams and Top Schools Prelim Exams. 

If your child has been consistently scoring 80% and above for the P5 Math school assessments or tests, he / she will be a good fit for the Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass.

Q : What Techniques do we teach in our Math Classes?

A: We teach all our students on how to master and apply our proprietary "Unitary Method version 2.0", to give our students the confidence and speed to solve ALL Challenging PSLE Math problem sum questions efficiently and accurately. 

We will also teach our students "Heuristics" which is a set of thinking tools or frameworks to solve unfamiliar and complex problems. MOE has incorporated as many as 11 problem solving heuristics in the primary school level syllabus.

To complement the above techniques, we use the C3PO Problem Solving Framework (developed in-house by Mr Zhou) to help guide our student's reasoning and analytical thought process, and to ensure a solid foundation of ALL 11 Heuristics tools and 18 Problem Solving Concepts, as required to ace the PSLE Math Exam. This approach radically changes the way students are taught to approach problem sums and encourages them to think critically and conceptually.

Q : Is there a lot of Homework? My child is swamped with school work!

A : Our Advanced PSLE Math Masterclass is not planned with homework in mind. All exercises are to be completed by students within each 2 hour session. Our tutor does not assign homework arbitrarily as he feels that Homework should not be reduced to meaningless drudgery. 

That being said, we may still assign a few questions as homework each week, to reinforce the conceptual and procedural knowledge that were covered during the lesson.  

Q : Will there be Replacement lessons if my child misses a regularly scheduled class?

A : For any scheduled weekly class missed with a valid reason, a replacement lesson will be provided on a case by case basis subject to slot availability (to be attended within 7 days of missed class). Valid reasons for absence includes : 
  • Medical Leave (Medical Certificate required) 
  • Official School / National Events (Letter from school required)
If the student is absent for any other reason or absent without documents to support a valid reason, no refund of fees or replacement lessons will be provided. 

For further details on our Replacement Lesson Policy, please CLICK HERE to view Terms & Conditions (Section F).

Q : Are there term-breaks? Will there be lessons during Public Holidays?

A : Math at the Upper Primary level is demanding and require regular lessons to maintain the student's efficacy in Math. But, kids (and tutors too!) do need a break from academic work and we usually have breaks during the following periods of the year :

  • 2 week term-break in mid-June.
  • 2 weeks term-break in end-December.
Otherwise, all scheduled weekly lessons will carry on as per usual during all public holidays or school holidays (except for Chinese New Year Public Holiday).

Q : Could we SMS or Whatsapp Math Questions that my child has problems in? 

A : Due to the tutors' busy schedule, please keep electronic communications via SMS or Whatsapp limited ONLY to Scheduling, Payment or Examination related matters. 

But of course if you require math questions to be answered urgently, you may send them over to us via Whatsapp and we will refer you to the relevant NickleBee Math worksheet or reply with some tips or guidance. 

To avoid abuse of this policy, any math question received, will only be replied to, after a minimum of 24 hours has elapsed from receipt of Whatsapp message.

Additional Info

Both Teachers and Students deserve a safe, orderly and conducive environment to teach and learn effectively. Hence, we reserve the right to cease provision of tuition to any student for any reason.

We have a "3 strike" policy whereby a student who accumulates 3 or more "Demerit Points" due to discipline or behaviorial issues within 1 term (11 lessons) will be subject to immediate dismissal from the centre. For more details please CLICK HERE to view Terms & Conditions (Section K).

Please note we reserve the right to record video surveillance of all tuition sessions. Video clips of any disruptive or unproductive behaviour by the students will be forwarded to their parents.