Our Success Stories

Congratulations to our 2021 P6 students on achieving a RECORD 92% Distinctions for their 2021 PSLE Math Exam!

This is an AMAZING FEAT given that this is more than DOUBLE the national average, with 33% of our students scoring an AL1 AND 92% of our students scoring AL1 to AL4 (75 marks and above)! 👍

This achievement is made even more impressive because our policy has always been to accept ALL students without any selection tests or entry barriers! As long as they are motivated to learn with a POSITIVE attitude, we are DETERMINED to empower them to achieve academic success! 😀

✅ 92% of NickleBee Tutor's 2021 Primary 6 students achieved an AL1 to AL4 (75 marks and above) for their 2021 PSLE Math!

✅ 75% of NickleBee Tutor's 2021 Primary 6 students achieved at least a 1 grade improvement in the PSLE Math Paper as compared to their Math results before joining our programme.

What amazed us is the resilience of our Primary 6 students who, at the tender age of 12 years, overcame the challenges of Online-only lessons during the lockdowns and school closures in P5 & P6, and sat for a MAJOR national exam, all in the midst of the disruptions and uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic!

Wishing ALL our students the VERY BEST in their next education journey!